Screw Conveyor

These types of conveyors are the most innovative and unique. They arose out of need when your conventional belt conveyors failed. Also known as ‘Augers,’ they are used in a wide variety of applications from agriculture to food processing. They make use of an Archimedes’ screw, which forms the basis of their whole structure and spiral movement.

What distinguishes a screw conveyor from the rest is its application. A screw conveyor is mainly used when materials have to be transported against the pull of gravity or from a lower level to an upper level. It can perform efficiently in a cost effective manner over a certain incline. But as the incline degree is increase, there is a drop in transportation capacity.

The spiral movement is the most important characteristic of a screw conveyor which is carried out by a component called as the ‘helical. This helical rests inside a metal tube that acts as a casing so that the contents don’t fall off.

The most common application of an auger is in agriculture where it is used to move grains from the collection point towards a truck. It is usually a DC motor that powers the helical or the truck’s internal combustion engine. Once the grains reach the end of the tube, they fall inside a collecting vehicle.

They are also used in the food processing industry. Meat processing factories use augers to transport chunks of meat with the help of a spiral spinner and a plate with a hole. This basic mechanism of a screw conveyor emulsifies the fat and makes it more edible. They are also used to take certain foods through edible dyes, such as while making grain bran.

The industrial use of a screw conveyor is seen mostly in the oil extraction field where the cut rocks are transported from lower ends to higher ones. Besides this, the applications of screw conveyors also include mining and power reduction, food industry, meat processing/rendering, etc.

It is not just a conveyor belt, but a whole mechanism that finds its way into a wide variety of applications.


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