Powered Roller Conveyor

A mechanized roller conveyor moves with the help of a single motor that is attached somewhere on the side of the machine and moves either one of the rollers or a roller on the bottom. The roller in contact with the motor is connected to all the other rollers with the help of a chain-like mechanism that ensures that all the rollers are moving in a steady and well-connected manner.

So what kinds of goods are used on roller conveyors? It is generally heavy goods that are moved on roller conveyors since the direct contact with the parts that carry out a circular motion gives them a more efficient momentum thus reducing the energy required to move heavy weighted goods. The only major shortcoming that roller conveyors face is the use of goods such as sacks filled with grains and other such materials that will drape over the roller mechanism. This is the same shortfall that you see with gravity rollers since they use the same basic mechanism and structure.

Due to their versatile nature, roller conveyors have a wide range of industrial applications. To mention a few, roller conveyors can be used Pallet handling, and Assembly Line Automation.



Dennis Beierman

We are looking for a powered conveyor to move 4’X12’ bundles to and from our press. The maximum weight would be 9000 lbs. We need a 12’ and 14’ length conveyors.

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