Gravity Roller Conveyor

These conveyors are not powered by any kind of machinery or industrial power source. Gravity conveyors have a very basic structure and mechanism, with conveyor wheels lined up from one end to the other and a metallic frame holding them in place. The product is put on the roller wheels and then sent from one end to the other. This helps in transporting materials in a very economical way where power is not required. Also, gravity conveyors are capable of transporting goods from distances as short as two feet to distances that go as far as one hundred feet. It can encompass a range of items such as small parts of equipment to heavy machinery.

The only possible shortcoming that these conveyors show is when you want to transport materials such as sacks filled with powdery substances, grains or other such goods. This is because they tend to drape on the rollers of the conveyor, which can cause a hindrance in the movement of the bag.

The best use of gravity conveyors is mostly when you want to transport heavy goods, such as wood, metallic containers, machinery or anything that weighs hundreds of pounds. However, usually, they use a base material or a surface to put it on the rollers, so that material transport becomes much easier. Items with a flat bottom and rigid construction move best on gravity rollers. For other items base materials like metal or wooden crates, boxes, cartons or flat plywood can be out underneath before placing on the rollers.

The most prominent benefit that is provided by gravity conveyors is that they contribute considerably when it comes to cost reduction. One does not have to use any kind of machinery to run a gravity conveyor. Gravity conveyors, as opposed to screw conveyors, are used to transporting from an upper level to a lower level where it is the gravity that does the job. However, this application is not restricted only till here. You can also transport your goods on a flat surface with the help of workforce to push it on the conveyor. This helps you save unnecessary costs since you don’t have to use any machines.

Gravity conveyors are extensively used in receiving/shipping of goods. It is widely used in the automotive industries chemical industries and packing industries because of its sweat-free transportation process where you need not have a workforce to do the work for you. Gravity does it all!


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