Chain Conveyor

As the name suggests, these conveyors function with the help of mechanical chains on both the sides of their conveyor frame. These chains are long and sturdy and hence, can usually handle fairly heavy-weights. Unlike other conveyors, chain conveyors do not have any central part such as rollers or belts that you can use to load your goods. These conveyors are purely based on chains that directly bear the brunt of the weight of the goods and transport them from end to end. Although these are used less likely than other types, they are considered very efficient.

Chain conveyors are usually mechanized and work with the help of a DC motor that is attached to the lower-end of the frame that holds the chains. They are usually used in production lines and assembly based factories such as automotive industries for moving heavy cart parts from one part of the production facility to another. They are also used in other industries such as metal fabrication and heavy industries where heavy components are to be moved from one end to another.

Chain conveyors are easy to install and maintain as compared to the other types of conveyors.


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